It is a common occurrence for maintenance teams and landlords to overlook the severity of mold issues and simply paint over visible growth.
 This "Band-aid" solution is deceptive and potentially dangerous because contaminants are still present in the occupied space and can exacerbate or lead to the development of allergies. MedicalStandards provides end-to-end mold removal service in accordance with the ANSI/IICRC S520 Professional Mold Remediation Standard.

We incorporate a combination of products, services, and techniques to:
1) stop the source of moisture leading to perpetual mold growth.
2) physically remove mold spores and structures to limit occupant exposure and thus adverse health effects.


Mold requires oxygen, a food source (typically cellulose-based materials), the right temperature, and moisture to proliferate. The goal of a mold investigation is to identify how to limit moisture, as it is almost always the easiest factor to control.

MedicalStandards consultants utilize a combination of hygrometers, thermal imagery, moisture meters, borescopes, and experience to identify the source of moisture then provide written step-by-step directions on how to stop the mold source and how to physically remove the growth.


Mold testing helps identify whether there is a mold issue and is particular useful in cases where there are no signs of visible mold growth but odors, occupant symptoms, and/or moisture issues suggest otherwise. Mold samples are collected in the areas of concern and shipped to the US for analysis. Results determine:


1) the severity of mold growth by comparing measurements against outdoor reference and indoor control levels and

2) the types of moods colonizing the area and whether they are harmful to humans (i.e. Stachybotrys Chartarum AKA "Toxic Black Mold").


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